Pure Dog Sledding in Tulsa’s is second to none. It’s peaceful.It’s breathtaking, with scenery to die for. It’s a feeling of working together with man’s best friend to experience a fabulous season so often overlooked. Dog Sledding in Tulsa is an invigorating way to get out and enjoy our long Tulsa Winters – and best of all, it’s really good exercise, and it’s FUN for the whole family! It’s amazing how time is suspended while you are out on the trail. As the woods slip past, all you hear is the panting of the dogs, the crunch of snow under the pounding of padded feet, and the muffled sounds of the forest, slumbering under a winter mantle as you scoot past. Anyone can dogsled – young or old, brave or timid – we’ll show you how, introduce you to your dogs, and you can drive your own sled, or jump in the basket, for a fun ride in the fluffy stuff. With plenty of experience in the sport, you’ll be in good hands. Best of all, you’ll learn how to handle your very own team. No passenger to lug around – just you and your own dogs!

Dog Sledding is not merely standing on the runners – it’s an interactive sport that will not only give you a surprising amount of exercise, it will inspire you! Best of all, it brings out the kid in everyone, and gets us outside to enjoy some fresh air on a beautiful winter day!





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Pure Sled Dog sledding trips vary from presentations through to a complete Tulsa dog sledding trip in winter season. Take a stimulating dogsled flight with Tulsa wild as well as experience a genuine Pure Sled Dog mushing getaway. You could also find out ways to drive your personal dog group!

Pure Sled Dog kennel excursions are readily available in summertime, yet winter months is when those looking for an Pure Sled Dog sledding could really experience the magic of this distinct sporting activity as well as essential methods of transport via remote Tulsa.

The Ultimate Pure Sled Dog Experience the Trail Sled Dog Race – an impressive occasion held every year in Tulsa the initial weekend break in March, Watch the ritualistic Anchorage Start, the main Restart, check out Tulsa Headquarters, adhere to the path as well as remain in Nome when mushers as well as their gallant sled dog groups go across the goal.


The Pure Sled Dog requires volunteers making this race job. It is an enjoyable means to be part of a sled dog race and also to obtain out in the dead of winter months to experience several of the most effective sled dog auto racing worldwide. There are 3 fundamental locations that require volunteers:



Mushers have to be solid leaders. To a sled dog they are the “leader of the pack”, and also if the musher is worn out, reluctant or unclear, the dogs will certainly notice it as well as come to be overwhelmed as well as not react to commands. On far away trips via the barren wild, this could be unsafe.



Our objective is to raise recognition of mushing as well as sled dog sporting activities as an energetic and also healthy and balanced way of living for both mushers and also their dogs; particularly for the dogs, as they were birthed as well as reproduced to run! We love you to visit our Pure Sled Dogs Race.


Our objective is to motivate you, thrill you as well as involve you right into our globe. We desire our visitors to really feel richer in buddies & experiences when leaving us. We are absolutely enthusiastic regarding just what we do, as well as we will certainly aim to share that sensation with you! Seeing us, you will not really feel as a part of a “mass tourist” tourist attraction, yet a lot more than a pal. You can even speak to one of our recommended dog trainers to have your dog trained by submitting an online form to train your dog – Virginia Dog Training