Our congratulations! But – STOP! What does this wet spot on my bed mean? And who did chew my best patent-leather shoes? Yes, yes, yes! It is noble wise Samoyed dog puppy. Young Samoyed dog is very cheerful, playful and exacting. “Don’t leave your things all over the place and don’t leave me along – I can’t stand it!!!” – Samoyed dog puppy tells you by these actions. Fine – your doggy suggests you his own requests. But time is going,the dog is growing and you are not planning to seat 24 hours per day with your Samoyed dog at home. So, how are you going to show your Samoyed dog your demands? And whose demands are more important – your or Samoyed dog puppy’s? Here we need to distribute the roles in our small community.

Important note: Samoyed dog is most nearly akin to primitive dogs. This fact has dramatic effect on its psychology – development of strict hierarchy in troop, respect to senior animals (if we cosider the family – true-bred Samoyed dog is very obedient interpreting the other members of family as senior members of his troop).

Consequently our main aim is to explain Samoyed dog that we are the senior members of his troop (who is the leader among “human memebers of the troop” Samoyed dog will determine himself). The next question is – how to explain it? Note that Samoyed dog is very noble and majestic, so any attempts to apply the primitive force (or bluntly speaking to hit the dog) will reach no positive results – only the negative ones! (You’ll only offend your Samoyed dog and spoil the relationships!) So let us use some ruses (“spied” in primitive dogs troop):

Senior members have right to eat the first. – So never feed the Samoyed dog until you eat yourself (may be even start eating before feeding your dog, then give food to your Samoyed dog and continue your meel). Senior members always enter the habitation first. – So do the same – always enter your dwelling first and let your Samoyed dog to follow you. Senior members will never permit younger members to get underfoot. – So don’t allow your Samoyed dog to sleep in the middle of kitchen when you are cooking and stumling over him on every step, help the dog to choose some comfortable place near the corner! Senior members know how to punish the “teenager-dog” – they lift the “naughty dog” by the nape and shake the “culprit”, pull down, clasp to the ground, hold and let him go! – Do the same! – It is not painful at all but shows the “younger dog” your superiority and commands respect! And remember that your self-reliance, friendly peace of mind and calm persistency will be much more important for young Samoyed dog then any advertised remotely manned electro-collar!

Answers to your questions (FAQ)

What to do with young Samoyed dog if he knows all orders and fulfills them at home but doesn’t listen to me in the street? – First of all don’t forget to take with yourself his favourite dainty when you both go for a walk. Find calm place (without other dogs, cars, people, etc.) and start your training there. When your Samoyed dog will learn not to digress and fulfill your commands – change this place for more fidgety one for example where one more dog plays.My Samoyed dog puppy likes to pick up very unpleasant stuff from the ground. What to do – how to break of this his habbit? – I’d like to suggest you small trick. Take small empty box (or even empty beer jar) and put there several beads or dry peas – you’ll make such primitive rattle (certainly you may use some baby’s rattles too). Next time when your puppy will try to eat his unpleasant”prey” – throw your rattle under his nose. Note: try to do it in such way that your Samoyed dog couldn’t see that “such terrible noise” was  made by you! This frightening noise must arrange in his mind right from the fact of eating this stuff. Some times my Samoyed dog pretends ‘”deaf” – he knows all commands but when he finds a bone on street he grips it and run from me – I can’t catch him! What to do? – Well… don’t try to run after your dog, you’ll never learn to run as fast as dogs do! You need to arm yourself with patience and change the direction, run to other side keeping calling your dog. Be sure -your Samoyed will follow you! Very important moment: never punish your dog when he finally run to you! He will not understand you so far as dogs remember only their last action and the last action was fulfillment of your command! So the punishment will be associated with obedience – not with his fault! When your Samoyed dog comes to you, you need to find kind words for him and some dainty or just stroke him! Correlation “obefience – pleasent emotion” must be steadfast!


About Alison

Alison George is the proprietor of Pure Sled Dog. She has actually operated in the Dog sledding market considering that 1993, as well as mostly focuses on caring for mushers. In 2004, Alison collaborate with her good friends to develop Pure Sled Dog as well as their slogan "All the details that you will certainly ever before have to understand about sled dogs" is constantly to give solution concerning Dog Sledding.

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