So your dog now knows how to heel and not make a mess in your kitchen? You are probably wondering, “Now what?” The good news is there are still plenty of techniques to teach your Alaskan malamute dog. Unlike other breeds, techniques available for your dog are quite interesting and useful in real-life situations.

Since Alaskan malamute dogs were mainly used in the Arctic, survival is a key part in Alaskan malamute training. They were largely used for search and rescue. With the Alaskan wilderness being their natural habitat, they make short work of the harsh climate. This is made possible by their sturdy bodies covered with a coarse double coat.

The strength of these dogs is also harnessed through sled pulling. They were usually used as “workhorses” by Arctic explorers pulling vital supplies across the treacherous landscape. Sled racing also became popular with Alaskan malamutes at the helm.

If you decide on training dogs advanced techniques you would want to seek a professional trainer with years of experience and expertise. Do not try to take this matter into your won hands especially if you have no experience of your own. Similar to basic dog training, a lot of patience and effort is required. This should definitely be considered for your Alaskan malamute training.

This survival technique would be greatly useful in the real world. If you live in an area where there is a reasonable risk of snow storms, search and rescue training for your dog is definitely a worthy investment.

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Alison George is the proprietor of Pure Sled Dog. She has actually operated in the Dog sledding market considering that 1993, as well as mostly focuses on caring for mushers. In 2004, Alison collaborate with her good friends to develop Pure Sled Dog as well as their slogan "All the details that you will certainly ever before have to understand about sled dogs" is constantly to give solution concerning Dog Sledding.

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